LightHouse Journal

What Makes These Journals Unique

These Journals are purpose created for anyone who’s desire is to arrive at a place of discovery of their own voice and their unique story.

The Scripture and the inspiring and edifying quotes are there to remind and encourage the writer every 10 pages to keep going, not give up, and keep valuing who they are. 

The inspiring and life promoting images within the pages are there to bring balance and wellbeing to its users. 

The two Journals main practical use is to promote balanced mental health, and to be used as an outlet to process thoughts, reflections, emotions, life questions, moods, etc. by writing an entire page, just a paragraph or a simple word. 

The design and the set up of its pages are thought through with love and intention to bring hope and light, with years of expertise and experience at hand as a therapist that encourages wholeness more than anything else to clients as well as everyone else. 

The two Journals are unique, and are one of a kind, as they are created with pristine quality and perfect design, and therefore are an investment worthwhile of the resources that will be spent on them.

The simplicity of the layout of the pages also makes these Journals a perfect gift to give to a loved one whom you can show that you have put special thought to their gift. 

The price guarantees the quality of product and service the buyer deserves and demands. 

The two Journal products are Australian designed, made and manufactured.